Can I reshape Group in an Orthogonal Way?

Hi, I seen one example in GoJs Samples, in this Link will be Reshaped in an Orthogonal way. Same thing i want to implement for Group. I seen this example:
is this possible to Implement same thing for Group?

Could you show two images, before and after, of what you mean by reshaping a Group?

Initial Group :

I need to Reshape Group Like:

Actually I need to know how to put

this reshaping link in Group shape?

I still do not understand what you want.

If you do not use a Placeholder in your Group template, you can resize easily enough. This is demonstrated in the Planogram sample,

I want to reshape my dont have any shape. in
this example they can shape their link in any way. like that i need to reshape my group like that.

Links are open geometries; Groups are closed rectangular areas.

so, it is not possible for groups. right?

Have you tried using ?