Can text align along link?

Is it possible to get text to align along a link?

If using the GoLabeledLink properties (FromLabelCentered, MidLabelCentered, ToLabelCentered) don’t do what you want, you can override GoLabeledLink methods (PositionEndLabel, LayoutMidLabel, and PositionMidLabel) to do whatever you like.
Or you can add your own labels and position them by overriding LayoutChildren.

Maybe alignment was not the word I should have chosen. What I am looking to do is force the label text to orient itself along a link. I don’t want the link text to always be oriented at 90 degree’s.

Oh, you’re looking for text that is a GoLabeledLink.MidLabel and that rotates as the link’s stroke changes angle?
This is old code (pre-1.0) but I believe it still works. It could stand a re-implementation.
It’s amazing how infrequently people ask for rotated text.