Can we associate a symbol (like plus "+") with each GoJs shape?

Is it possible to associate a symbol with each GoJs shape, and perform certain action upon click of that symbol (maybe like opening up a new browser or tab).

Is there any specific GoJs version that has this feature ?

Or any way I can have this feature appended to my licensed version of GOJS ?

Here’s a snapshot of my requirement.

Yes, every GraphObject has a event handler that you can define to open a browser window on whatever URL you like. For example, take a look at the click: defined in the Node template used in

In that sample the click event handler is defined on the whole Node, but you could add a Shape or a Picture or a Panel containing Shapes or Pictures or TextBlocks to be at the top-right spot of the node. I suggest that you read and

If you are starting with the Node template from the FlowChart sample, I think you can just add your new “anchor” object directly to the Node panel, with alignment: go.Spot.TopRight. That’s because the Node Panel is of type “Spot”.

But I still highly recommend reading the Introduction pages,, because that covers all of the concepts you are likely to need in order to be effective programming GoJS.

Thanks Walter for your reply.

Your suggestions helped me to achieve what i wanted.