Can we get the node name in canvas for Automation testing using selenium [Verify]

Hi Guys,

Just wondering , is there a way can we get the node name or any details for verification purpose inside Canvas using automation with selenium ?

so basically when we open a page we have nodes structured in canvas , but unable to do the verification like name , details and all, because we dont have access to the dom elements inside canvas, so is there a way we can check that ?

Yes we have to check for other events like clicking a particular node with given name and all, thats comes second , first i need to check inside canvas , node with given name is present or not ?

I think if you guys understand my question , please help me on same.

Language am using is selenium with python. Am not asking for any unit testing with robot or jest , but checking a way to get verification the elements name or details inside canvas in go js

Any help will be highly appreciated, happy to rollback again if you guys need more info

So I guess you have already read Testing GoJS apps -- Northwoods Software

Sorry, but we are not familiar with Selenium. You can search this forum for posts about it.

@walter Thanks for reply. I already read that , and thats like unit testing using robot or cypress.
But here what am looking for automation testing , thats basically checking the dom elements/labels inside canvas.( kind of verification checking names and details )
and i guess thats not listed in Testing GoJS apps – Northwoods Software

There are no DOM elements within a Canvas. For efficiency reasons that’s why GoJS uses Canvas.