Can we get top resize handler for every lane?

Can we get top resize handler for every lane?

We have added one but resizing is not working.
Can we get an example of top resize handler for every lane?

Yes, you need to modify the custom Group.resizeAdornmentTemplate to add a resize handle at the alignment go.Spot.Top. Then the user can change the height of the Group interactively.

But notice how the code limits the size to make sure it is large enough to hold the member Parts. So, for example, in your screenshot the user could not make the group have a shorter height.

We have added the Handler but resizing in not working correctly.
It is working correctly for first Lane. for next floors it is not working.
We are using

What is wrong?

please see this.

“Sorry This video does not exist.”

Please check

Odd, I can see and interact with the video player, and I can see the initial frame, but it doesn’t play.

I’ll guess that the problem is that you need to customize the ResizingTool (actually, in that sample the LaneResizingTool.resize method) so that, only when resizing using that handle (this.handle.alignment === go.Spot.Top), it also changes the Node.location of the containingGroup up and down, correspondingly.

How I can upload video here?

Sorry, you can’t upload videos here.

I just got a video that I was able to watch. OK, but you still have not described what the problem is.

The sudden re-ordering of the lanes is due to the layout ordering the lanes by their middle Y coordinate location, which is used to support changing the order of lanes when dragging lanes. Are you asking for that re-ordering not to happen when resizing?

Top resizing is only working for top lane.
For other lanes it is not working.

Could you please describe exactly the behavior that you do not want, and what you want instead? And how do my previous responses in this forum topic not answer my guesses as to what you were complaining about?