Cannot see all the controls in GoPalette

I added a bunch of GoSimpleNodes to a GoPalette, but for some reason last few nodes get clipped (they dont showup in the palette). I tried to increase GoPalette.size, but no luck. Please help me resolve this.
Thanks in advance.

As you add GoObjects (such as GoSimpleNodes) to a GoPalette’s Document, it will automatically expand the size of that document and call GoPalette.LayoutItems to arrange them in a rectangular pattern so that the objects don’t overlap. There are several GoPalette properties for controlling that layout.
The result is that your palette will display a scroll bar so that the user can see all of the items. Increasing the GoPalette.Size will help display more items at the same time.
Assuming you haven’t overridden any GoPalette methods, perhaps you have accidentally set some of the GoPalette properties to unusual values, causing the objects to be laid out where they are not visible?
Or do those GoSimpleNode have drastically different sizes, including labels? If there is a long label, you might just see the start of the label and the icon is actually out of the view. But you would at least see parts of each label.

The properties that am changing are:
this.AllowDelete = false;
this.AllowEdit = false;
this.AllowInsert = false;
this.AllowReshape = false;
this.AllowReshape = false;
this.AllowResize = false;
this.AllowMove = false;
this.ArrowMoveLarge = 10f;
this.ArrowMoveSmall = 1f;
this.AutoScrollRegion = new System.Drawing.Size(0, 0);
this.GridCellSize = new SizeF(150, 75);
this.GridOriginX = 300;
this.GridOriginY = 200;
this.Font = new Font(“Arial”, 10);
this.Sorting = SortOrder.None;
this.Orientation = Orientation.Vertical;
After this I just add nodes:
GoDocument doc = this.resourceModelerPalette1.Document;
ResourceNode myPool = new ResourceNode (paletteImageList, 0, " Resource Pool");
myPool.Image.Size = new SizeF(32, 32);
and so on…
There is a vertical scrollbar to show some of the nodes but last few are clipped.
Please let me know if you need any more info.

By the way, I am diplaying all the nodes in just one column.
P.S: Sorry forgot to mention this before.

I think you need to play with the values for the GridOrigin and GridCellSize. Those GridOrigin values seem large, although it may depend on how wide your labels are compared to your icons. If they are quite wide you could try setting GoPalette.AlignsSelectionObject to false.

Thanks for the quick reply, I will try that.