Cannot use document.findnode to find golinks


I’ve just discovered that GoLinks cannot be found using the
GoView.Document.FindNode(searchstring, false, true, true)
method because the GoLink does not implement IGoLabeledPart,
which provides the Text attribute.

So, on my custom golink class, GoConnection, I’ve tried to implement the
IGoLabeledPart interface to provide the Text Property and the public readonly property Text to return the search string (for FindNode) but I still get an error from Visual Studio telling me that I need to implement the public readonly property Text. My class definition code looks like this:

<Serializable()> Public Class GoConnection : Inherits GoLink
Implements IGoLink, IGoLabeledPart

Inside my class I implement the Text property as:

Public ReadOnly Property Text() As String
        Return <unique search string value>
    End Get
End Property

What am I doing wrong? Can GoLinks have a Text property?


R. Houston

OK, I found my error…

My syntax is wrong for my public property Text. I needed to add the “Implements IGoLabeledPart.Text” to the end of my public property syntax.

I missed this the first time. Sorry for the bother. It’s working now.

GoLink already implements IGoLink, so you don’t have to.