Canvas watermark

Hi, I have two running instance of my software. One for test and one for prod. On the test subdomain the watermark is not coming. But on the prod instance, the watermark is coming. Please help me finding this issue.


That’s odd – you did get a license key for “” and it seems to be working in one case but not in the other. Are you sure you are running the same app in both cases? Or maybe there is some other difference that prevents the assignment of Diagram.licenseKey in one case?

On the prod version, I have updated few NPM packages, is it happening because of that ?

As long as you are using a version of the GoJS library that matches the version in the license key (that you specified when you requested the license key), you should be OK when running on that domain.

The baselevel version number doesn’t matter. Only the major and minor version numbers matter.

Can you suggest me some solutions. Have you faced this issue before?

If you evaluate go.version in your test environment, what is the result? Maybe you are running different versions of GoJS between test and prod, and you need a new license key for 2.2.