I am trying to evaluate this component to render a network diagram based on the XML format.
I would like to how good is this component from performance point of view, so that it can render around 14,000 nodes saved in the XMl file.
Does goview has such capabilites, before I go ahead for the actual work

Showing 14000 nodes shouldn’t be a problem.

GoLayoutTree can handle that easily too. But I don't know how you are going to arrange all the nodes.
It's also possible to create nodes and links on demand, as the user scrolls. See topic However, that depends on your data being accessible in position-sorted searches, which your XML data probably does not support unless you read it all into memory.

Thanks for the answer.
One of my requirment is that it should remember the last saved node position, does XML has attributes which remember the from location and to location

If your XML schema doesn’t have that information defined, you’ll want to add it. You can save the Location (a PointF value) as two separate attributes, or as a single attribute holding two numbers.

Caution: loading (or storing) a document with 14000 nodes and some similar number of links is probably going to be slow when using XML as the format. That has nothing to do with GoDiagram, of course.

Do you suggest any other alternative other than XML format.

That depends on what your application requirements are. If you expect people to edit these files, then you’ll want to use a text format. Maybe CSV or tab-separated fields on separate lines would be good enough, if your data is simple enough.

You can try using XML and see how it works for you. Try using one of the sample applications to create/write/read a large document.