Change cursor in GoView

I didn’t use GoPalette.
I use a toolbar to draw nodes.
When user select a node to draw, I want to change the cursor to cross cursor.
When user select a pointer to select, I want to change the cursor to default cursor.

Tell me how to do.

If you want to change the cursor that is shown when the pointer is over the background, set GoView.DefaultCursor. Some objects will still set the GoView.Cursor to other values as the pointer passes over them.
If you want to change the cursor during the operation of a Tool, you can just set the GoView.Cursor, since the standard handling of mouse over events (implemented by GoView.DoMouseOver) isn’t being done by the DefaultTool while your tool is running.

Hi There ,
I am facing the same problem , I wanted to change the Hand Cursor when start linking to another cursor shape .I already have myCustomLinkingTool. So where excatly should I change cursor ?
Thanks in advance

Typically you set the GoView.Cursor in overrides of GoTool.Start() and GoTool.Stop().