Change in font on scroll


I have a palette and diagram model. The text in my palette behaves strangely on scroll when the browser Zoom is changed from the default.

The text appears to change size for a second and then comes back to its intended size on scrolling through the palette.

We could send you a video for better understanding. Could you help?

That’s a new one. Is the problem only in the Palette, not in a regular Diagram? Which version of GoJS are you using (evaluate go.version), in which browser, on which platform, on which hardware? Can you reproduce the problem in other browsers and other hardware? Does the problem happen for certain page zoom percentages and not others – which ones? Can you reproduce the problem in any of our samples – which ones?

Yes, this problem is only in the Palette, not in the regular Diagram. We are using the version 1.8.35. Our application is only run on Chrome, so we haven’t tested it in other browsers.
It is however occurring in all our environments, and hardware. The problem occurs when we change the Zoom level to anything other than 100%.
I have a screen recording video which can explain the scenario better. Is there any means by which we can share the video with you?

If it isn’t too big to be emailed, you can send it to GoJS at our domain, Or just email us a link, or leave a link here in a reply.

I’d recommend trying 2.1 to see if what I think it might be is gone now.

Thanks for the video. I think that effect is due to a drawing optimization that we do. During scrolling we draw with less resolution; at the end we redraw with full resolution. It’s most noticeable on high resolution screens.

In some more recent version (sorry, I don’t know exactly which version, which is why I figured you should just try the latest) we made that optimization smarter by only doing it when the frame rate is below a certain level.

Its not possible for us to update to the latest version right now. Is there any other solution for this while keeping our current version?

That’s unclear to me. I was suggesting that your briefly try 2.1 just to see if the effect goes away. It’s fairly compatible with 1.8 – the only likely problem is if you use any predefined figures that we removed for 2.0. See the release notes for compatibility issues.