Change position in palette

Can I change this behavior?
Demo -
I see examples and don’t find solution.

Example code:

myPalette =
      $(go.Palette, "myPaletteDiv",  // must name or refer to the DIV HTML element
          nodeTemplateMap: myDiagram.nodeTemplateMap,  // share the templates used by myDiagram
          model: new go.GraphLinksModel([  // specify the contents of the Palette
            { category: "Start", text: "Start" },
            { text: "Step" },
            { category: "Conditional", text: "???" },
            { category: "End", text: "End" },
            { category: "Comment", text: "Comment" }

I think you want to set autoScrollRegion: 0 to prevent the palette from scrolling when dragging near the edges.

I could be wrong, but I only see this property on the diagram - Diagram | GoJS API

Palette is a subclass of Diagram, so you can also set it for a Palette.

Got it.