Change Zooming time

Because there are many page elements, every time I zoom in and zoom out, my page rendering is very stuck. The requestAnimationFrame time interval is very short, so I want to control the zoom execution time. Is there any good way.

If you don’t want the CommandHandler.zoomToFit command to animate at all, just override it to call the Diagram.zoomToFit method:

  $(go.Diagram, . . .,
      "commandHandler.zoomToFit": function() { this.diagram.zoomToFit(); },

I want to control the zoom delay, I hope that each zoom execution operation is controlled at 1000ms instead of the default value of 100ms
‘requestAnimationFrame’ handler took time

You could set AnimationManager.duration to 100 or whatever.

I tried this method and no obvious effect.
What I expect is that FPS (Frames Per Second) will not be so low every time I zoom, which affects the smoothness of the interaction, so I think I can try to control the zoom interval every time I zoom, that is, delay zoom. In other words, multiple mouse wheel events (zooming) are triggered within 1000ms during user interaction. I want to perform zooming only once.
Thank you for your answers.