Changing balloon color

Is there a way to change the default color of a GoBalloon to something else? Don’t see anything in the samples that show how to do this.

You can change the color of a GoComment or GoBalloon comment by doing:
GoShape back = aComment.Background as GoShape;
if (back != null) back.Brush = Brushes.Azure;
Similar code works for GoTextNode or GoBasicNode, of course.

Thanks, that worked.
I force the fonts on my nodes and balloons to be that listed in ControlPanel. So I need to update the balloon font also. The multitext node was no problem. Is there a font size property somewhere in the balloon for its text ?

GoText label = aComment.Label;
if (label != null) label.FontSize = 14;
Since GoComment and GoNode implement the IGoLabeledNode interface, the above code actually works for all kinds of nodes as well as for comments.