Changing properties title in datainspector

i previously asked nearly similar question but i dont seem to make my data inspector work like i want it to previous post :

now i m getting json from server which append properties in the json like
“3__W__Property 3”: "value 3 ",
“relationshipTypeId”: 1,
“1__W__Property 1”: “value 1”,
what i want is that the inspect display all the properties that it gets like with -w- in start it removes it from it to display but not change it form the main diagram json and is also editable
for reference i want
“3__W__Property 3”: "value 3 “,
to be displayed like
Property 3”: "value 3 ",

The Data Inspector lets you specify the complete list of properties that it shows. Try setting the option includesOwnProperties to false and then make sure the properties option includes all of the properties that you want shown.

i dont think i conveyed what i want.
This is what i want consider the json

“1__Property 1”: “Property Value 1”,
“title”: “Stem 2”,
“Actual Value”: 3,
“Required Percentage”: “33”,
“Relationship Title”: “Siblings”,
“Start Date”: “01/07/2018”,
“childStemObjectId”: 2,
“Today Date”: “03/07/2018”,
“parentStemObjectId”: 1,
“Expiry Date”: “20/07/2018”,
“id”: 2,
“Current Percentage”: “30”,
“key”: 2,
“Target Value”: 10

now the inspector shows the keys from the key:value pair as is but i want to disply the property 1__property as just property and still be functional in the inspector

i want the encircled one to be shown as just property 1 not 1__property 1 but the constraint is that i cant change my back end json bcz it uses the 1__ to do some other thing

Oh, you do want to show those properties, but you want to show the property name as something different than it actually is. OK, you’ll need to change the buildPropertyRow method so that it uses the string that you want when setting the first “td” element’s textContent.

but if i do that the inspector will not function properly it will create a new property in the json and not edit the property coming from server json
for example consider i showed 1__property by changing it to property 1 a new property in json will be created naming property 1 and value of that ill change with changing the values in inspector

OK, so I think you’ll need to modify the updateAllProperties method as well.