CheckBox using GoJS

Is it possible to create CheckBox using GoJS, which looks like as follows:

Yes. Have you seen CheckBoxes ?

You can see how CheckBoxes are defined at .

Yes @walter! I have checked this link.

Is it possible to create checkbox without using Buttons.js

Is it possible to mark select/check the checkbox programmatically?

In other words, how can i save the state of checkbox, “checked” or “un-checked”?

You don’t need to load extensions/Buttons.js – that file just shows what is already defined in the go.js or go-debug.js libraries.

In particular you might want to read the documentation for “CheckBox” and “CheckBoxButton”. That describes how the first argument must be the name of a data property to which the state of the check box button will be TwoWay bound.

The sample CheckBoxes demonstrates several uses and customizations of CheckBoxes.

Yes, i have tried by giving the argument which is the name of a data property, but even if the values are correct even after reloading the diagram, and getting toggled after each click, the “CheckBox” is NOT getting “Filled” with the “tick” mark, it is “unselected” every time.

My code is as follows:

		    myDiagram.model = new go.GraphLinksModel(
		    	        { key: "Checkbox", choice: choiceValue }

			    $("CheckBox", "choice",  // not data bound
			                $(go.TextBlock, "Check Box"),
			                	click: function(e, obj) {
			                	     myDiagram.div = null;
			                	     if (choiceValue == true) {
			                	     	  choiceValue = false;
			                	     else {
			                	     	  choiceValue = true;

Delete your click event handler. Its behavior is makes no sense.