Chrome 125: Diagram is blank after switching back to tab


Since Chrome 125 (Windows), switching to a tab in the browser, waiting for about 4 min, and then switching back to another tab which contains a GoJS diagram will show that diagram completely blank, until I click and drag its content a bit.

This can be reproduced (at least for me) as follows:

  • Navigate to Introduction | GoJS and scroll a bit so that the first diagrammer is shown
  • Open another tab in the browser and navigate to any page
  • Wait approximately 4 min
  • Switch back to the tab containing the diagrammer: it is completely blank
  • Click on the background and drag a bit → the contents show again

If I deactivate Memory saver or Energy saver in the Performance settings in Chrome, I still have the problem.

If I however deactivate Use graphics acceleration when available in the System settings, I do not reproduce the problem anymore.

The problem did not occur in versions of Chrome prior to 125, so this looks like a bug in the latest version, but maybe you would have some insight or workaround?

(I have reproduced this with 2 Intel graphics cards --Intel Graphics P530 and Intel UHD Graphics 630 and an Nvidia card)


Chrome is aware of the issue, its breaking a lot of canvas-based apps. See: Chromium

Disabling shadows and any gradients seems to help.

Thanks very much Simon. Let’s hope it won’t take them too long to release the update (I see they’ve already disabled canvas hibernation in a recent merge before they can determine the root cause).

Yeah. Since it affects so many people, I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been patched by now. But at least they’re very aware of the problem.