Clarification on go.Part.containingGroup binding

In all samples of grouping, diagram’ nodes/parts data sets use an attribute “group” to refer to a containing group, without binding to “containingGroup” defined in related templates. My assumption is that there is a default binding to the attribute named “group”. If so, is it possible to use a different attribute, like “parentGroup”, and define new go.Binding(“containingGroup”,“parentGroup”) ?

The the model you can change the nodeGroupKeyProperty

We do that in this sample: GoJS Visual Tree Using Nested Groups

Thank you Simon.

To add a bit of explanation: relationships are not implemented by data binding.

Understanding and maintaining relationships between Parts is more complicated than binding, so relationships are implemented by specific code in the Models and in Diagram.

Data binding is just copying property values around, within the scope of a Part, implemented by Binding and Panel.