ClickCreatingTool not working on a Group

I did the clickCreating on group like this

click(e) { if(SD.mode === 'node') e.diagram.toolManager.clickCreatingTool.insertPart(e.documentPoint); },

But “clickCreatingTool.canStart” function was getting triggered on group click also but why “clickCreatingTool.insertPart” not getting triggered?

First, I would like it to be clear that the ClickCreatingTool is not normally supposed to run when the click or double-click happens on any pickable Part. That would include Groups – so ClickCreatingTool.canStart will return false when clicked.

But one implementation strategy would be to override that canStart method to return true when you want to.

Second, it seems that you are taking a different implementation strategy by implementing a click event handler on your Group. I think that should work, as long as ClickCreatingTool.archetypeNodeData is non-null.