Clicking a context menu button text doesn't click the button?

Initially, I have a context menu that appears after right clicking a node. Then nothing happens when I left click on the button I’d want to use if the cursor was hovering over the text displayed inside the button. The only time the button clicks register as desired is when the non-text region of the button is clicked. Is the text in a context menu button treated separately from the rest of the button?

I assume you are talking about a GoJS context menu, not an HTML one.
Well, the TextBlock is different from the Panel that is a “ContextMenuButton”. Did you define the click event handler on the “ContextMenuButton” or on something else inside the Button?

Ah, okay. I defined the click function inside the shape element that was inside the menu button, rather than directly inside the menu button. I will move the definition over and hopefully that will make all the difference.