Clicking on end of go diagram didnot get the position of context menu

when I click on end side of go diagram, screen rotate in scroll viewer.How it resolves.

Can you reproduce the problem in one of the sample diagrams? If so, can you tell and show us how?


when I open the context menu on end side of screen,it shows the location of x axis is too small
I used the code:

Here’s what I get when I try a context menu in the GoWpfBasic sample:

Is this not what you expected?

yes,u right when I open this context menu,at the corner of screen ,it shows the location of x axis value small for eg (4,546) and then I create a new state it draws very far from the context screen and screen get scrollviewer.state draws very far from context shows srollviewer.

My requirement is that I create a state near context menu where context menu open same location not far from the context menu.

You need to call DiagramPanel.TransformViewToModel on the e.GetPosition(myDiagram.Panel).