Client-side properties methods

Is there documentation outlining the client-side properties & methods?

I want to check if a document is editable in Javascript. This is where i'm at:
var myView = document.getElementById("MyView");
Well, GoDiagram Web doesn't define a separate document object on the client, not to be confused with the document object in the HTML DOM.
The transmission of properties for GoObjects is achieved through GoPartInfos and GoViewDataRenderer. This is described in GoWebIntro.doc. But there isn't a GoPartInfo defined for the view's GoDocument.
The easiest thing to do is to add properties onto the JavaScript object representing the view, by overriding the GoViewDataRenderer.Render method to generate additional initialization code. There's an example of this in Demo1, implemented by Demo1DataRenderer. Note how the Render method calls the base method and then adds some JavaScript statements to add more properties onto the view object.
Then you could refer to it by:
var v = goFindView('MyView');
... v.MyProperty ...