Collaps or Expand TreeExpanderButton


How can i collaps or expand TreeExpanderButton GoJS SubTrees -- Northwoods Software
in javascripte code ?


Set (or bind) Node.isTreeExpanded. Or call Node.collapseTree or Node.expandTree.

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Thank but my problem is:
I use the example of Double Tree Double Tree.
when I add the TreeExpanderButton button,
I lose the double tree → Double Tree

I just copied the DoubleTree.html sample and added:

      , $("TreeExpanderButton")

to the node template.

Although the nodes don’t look great, they operate well when I click on the "TreeExpanderButton"s.

TreeExpanderButtons Works
but i lost double tree layout
how to keep double tree layout ?

What do you mean? By default collapsing a subtree will remember the locations of the hidden nodes, and then expanding that subtree will restore those node locations.

If you want to do another layout, just call doubleTreeLayout.

Oh, maybe you are asking about how to call doubleTreeLayout whenever the user collapses or expands a subtree? Implement “TreeCollapsed” and/or “TreeExpanded” DiagramEvent listeners.

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