Collapsed multiport go-sub-graph should look like colored node

I want create a sub-graph which contains multiport colored node inside it and connections among them. But when sub-graph is collapsed it should show the icon as that of colored node with port. I am attaching here with this post sample what i want to achieve. I have already colored node. I want to create subgraph with ports inside when expanded and ports outside when collapsed (exactly same icon as the colored node). Can i do this using go sub-graph? If yes, how should be the sub-graph class so that it will have colored node icon when collapsed and when expanded as shown in the sample attached with this post.

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The MultiportSubGraph class in SubGraphApp is the closest you’ll find to this. I don’t have a sample where the ports end up outside the collapsed node. You can probably get that behavior by overriding bits of the collapse code (See the documentation and CustomSubGraph in SubGrapApp).

Sorry I can’t do more than that, but evaluations from “Student” aren’t something I can’t spend a lot of time on. You seem to be making pretty good progress with hints anyway.