Collapsible/Expandable feature in Flowchart demo

Hi to all,

Here I am using collapse/expand feature in flow chart demo like application in window based application. although it is working here right.
But my problem here is that it shows "+" sign in all nodes.even that node does not have any child.
Our requirement is that it only show "+" sign on that node which has children node ,not to all node that has not any child node.
waiting for response.

I don’t see any “+” (i.e. expandable) handles in your screenshot.

If you are talking about not showing the GoCollapsibleHandles at all on those leaf nodes, then you need to make them not Visible. I think the TreeApp sample application does this.

Here I want to show u that a node in screen shot with name “D-Modem” does not has any child below it.
But this still shows “-” sign which is not right logically.
we not want to show “-” sign in that node which does not have any child.

I think problem is here
public virtual bool HasChildren() { return this.Collapsible && this.Ports.DestinationLinksCount > 0; }
here ports is a feature of GoNode.
and i am using GraphNode and in this it is not distincting Ports.DestinationLinksCount .
can u tell me solution of this problem

A GraphNode may have an InPort and an OutPort. To determine if a GraphNode has children, you probably want to be checking that OutPort is not null and that this.OutPort.DestinationLinksCount > 0.