Collapsible/Expandable TableRow

Hey, I have TableRow with links from row to row (no links from the table to table, the nodes are the rows).
(attach pic).

I want to make collapsible and expandable for the rows (to show just the table name) and hide\show all the links from the rows and create a new link from the table to the table.
(attach pics),

I don’t find any solution for it, so I build it customize. but there is some problem that I cannot handle it with go.js code.
There is any another solution to solve it from go.js functions?

If that is what you have implemented in GoJS, what is the problem?

If that is not what you have implemented in GoJS, what have you done so far, and what is behaving differently from what you want?

Have you seen samples such as:

Although those samples do have few nodes with many ports on each node. Are you sure that it is a requirement that you use independent Nodes within a Group? That should work well too. Use a Group.layout that is a GridLayout with GridLayout.wrappingColumn set to 1. Collapsing the Group should get you the behavior that you want.

Got you.
Thanks Walter :)