CollapsingRecord Node Demo Class


That demo does most of what I need to do.
Is it possible to add the following to the CollapingRecordNode class?
Create a vertical scrollbar when numerous text nodes need to be displayed.
Add a Checkbox to each text node in the list.
I don't need the section and nesting functionality.
In Demo1, there is also ScrollingMultiTextNode that has a little star by each text line (which you could replace with a graphic of a checkbox) and it scrolls when it has more than it can display.
Does that meet your needs, or is there some bit of CollapingRecordNode behavior / appearance you want as well?

Hi Jake,

The main thing that is missing from the ScrollingMultiTextNode that I need is the collapsible header.
I not sure a graphic checkbox would provide what I need? I need an event whenever the checkbox changes state and the ability to get/set state.
As for the scrollbar I would much prefer a standard windows scrollbar.
If you took the RecordNode from Demo1 and did the following:
Make Header collapsible
Add vertical windows scrollbar (Dynamically when needed)
Add a windows checkbox in place of image to each item
Provide checkbox state change event
Provide getter/Setter set for checkbox state
When collapsed the linked item would visually link to the header
When item is scrolled out view linked item would visually link to header.
A nice to have would be the abilty to add icon(s) to the header that provides click event(s).
I think that would give me exactly what I need.
Is this possible?

Certainly all possible.

Just add a GoCollapsibleHandle and implement IGoCollapsible,
with the Collapse method setting GoListGroup.TopIndex to zero,
shrinking the GoListGroup.Height to be the height of the first item,
and making the scroll buttons invisible.

Instead of the plain GoImage for each item, use a custom GoImage
that handles OnSingleClick and toggles the image it displays.

The scrollbar is a little more work.
No promises... but I'll try to work on a sample over the Thanksgiving weekend.