Column resizing in tree table layout

Hi there,

I have created tree view table layout by referring samples GoJS Tree View and I am able to get below result

here is a link :

I know that by using gojs extension we can achieve column and row resizing on the gojs table panels like this Resizing Rows and Columns in a Table Panel

Is this column resizing possible with the tree view table something like below

If i try to pull third column to left side it should give me below kind result

If I try to pull third column to right side it should give me below result

(These above two images are only edited in paint and column resizing is not there)

Can you please advice on how to achieve this in tree view table (here is the code :

Each Node in the tree has its own “Table” Panel. So if you used the ColumnResizingTool extension as it is, you would be able to change the width of the columns in one Node. Not in all Nodes in the whole tree.

So you would need to adapt the ColumnResizingTool code to modify the RowColumnDefinition.width of the appropriate column of the “Table” Panel in every Node, not just the one of the selected Node.

Yes Walter, when I tried I was able to make columns resizable but I was able to resize only one column of any rows and not the entire column of the tree table.

If possible can you please create some sample or you can add it to my code as well here Codepen Link . It would be a big help. As Im new to gojs and Im not able to figure out solution based on your comment.

Thanks :)

I see in your code that you are setting the TextBlock.width, not the RowColumnDefinition.width. Either way will work, but when you iterate over all of the nodes to modify the width of a particular column, you’ll need to set the same property, TextBlock.width in your case.