Combo box?

Heya. Is there a GoDiagram equivalent of a WinForms ComboBox (or drop-down list)? Don’t see one in any of the samples. If not, is there an easy way to drop a standard WinForms ComboBox onto something that expects a GoObject?

You could set GoText.EditorStyle = GoTextEditorStyle.ComboBox and GoText.Choices to the desired array of choices.

The GoText.DropDownList property controls whether the user can type other choice values.

Hmm when I try to do Choices.Add() and Choices.Clear() it throws an exception: “Collection was of a fixed size”.

What did you set GoText.Choices to?

If you don’t set it to something that can be modified, you’ll get that error.

Ahh ok I see you can make Choices into a List.