Command on Button inside Datatemplate

I have SelectionAdornmentTemplate which is having Button inside spot panel.
this template is applied on another datatemplate.i want to have for this button instead of normal click event.Is this possible in goxam?how we can do this?

Yes, you should be able to use commands instead of defining click event handlers.
I believe all of the predefined commands should work.

But note that the predefined commands do not operate via an Adornment on the AdornedPart – they operate on the Diagram.SelectedParts.
So you will need to implement your commands to know that they are being invoked in the context of an Adornment to find the AdornedPart.

Are you using Silverlight or WPF?
The support for commanding is quite different in the two platforms, so you will be more limited in what you can do in Silverlight.