Comparison with other products?

Has anyone done a comparison of GoDynamic with other products -- e.g. ILOG's .Net Diagrammer? Are there any other products in the same space as GoDynamic?
We have a Sharepoint (web parts) / ASP.Net 3.5 web application that we need programmatic/dynamic generation of network diagrams from our database data. We need automatic layout management (we add our nodes and links and the layout manager positions them correctly; if screen is resized, that's done as well), scrollbar events (so that we can go to the server and build the rest of the graph), ajax-like communication to the server (to allow just the web part that contains the graph to be updated), etc.

It’s GoDiagram, not GoDyanmic. good name though, we reserve the rights to use that in the future!

I'm afraid we don't have any formal product comparison information regarding ILOG, but I do know that some of our customers have chosen GoDiagram over the competition for reasons that included clarity of design, ease of use, ease of customization, and cost.
FYI, it's also my understanding that ILOG charges additional fees to deploy your application. Northwoods does not.
I'd suggest you evaluate both (although I think you'll end up choosing GoDiagram). You ought to be able to create a prototype of your application using the free GoDiagram evaluation kit fairly quickly. Our list of 30+ sample applications give most people a quick place to start.
Just let us know if you have any questions.