ComputeBoundsSkip() in 2.2 vs. 2.3.1

I’ve just upgraded from 2.2 to 2.3 and the SubGraph override ComputeBoundsSkip has disappeared, apparently replaced (?) with ComputeInsideMarginsSkip. I renamed the override and the compiler no longer complains, but the behaviour of the app has changed. I’ve got textboxes sticking halfway out the side of the subgraph (when it was expanded), so I overrode the function so it didn’t try to draw the subgraph outside the textboxes (so they’re still sticking out, of course). Now, however, the left and right margins (wherever the textboxes are) get like waaaaaaay huge when I expand the subgraph (they’re hidden when it’s collapsed), but the margins won’t come back even if I collapse it.
Is there another override I should be using? Has the code in the function changed or just the name?


The code has changed quite a bit. Do you have any calls to ComputeBounds()? Those should probably be replaced by calls to ComputeBorder(). And if you have an override of ComputeBounds, you probably can just delete it.

Cheers. That’s almost done it. It’s still a little funky looking, but I could prolly tweak the last bits w/o too much problem.

Thanks for help.

Sorry about the incompatible change. Too many people wanted to be able to put objects such as the Label or the Port outside of the border (usually when expanded). In retrospect we should have designed GoSubGraph differently. Maybe we need several different kinds of GoSubGraph, each that does something simpler, rather than one general class that tries to do everything.