Concentric layout custom changes

Hi Team,

In this example, can we have circle thickness as user input and redraw the chart on button click, please help with some code snipit which is suitable to above existing functionality

You could just create a new ConcentricLayout with a different value for ConcentricLayout.thickness and assign it to Diagram.layout.

Or you could upload the latest version of that sample. I have made ConcentricLayout.thickness a property whose setter now calls Layout.invalidateLayout.

Given one is the latest version of sample, Kindly do changes in the same version then we will use same in our application.

If you’d like us to do contract work for you, we’ll need to negotiate the terms.

at least please share any existing samples related my requirement

I did:

Open up the console, and type

myDiagram.layout.thickness = 120

in order to see it dynamically update.

this is ok, I can see, I am expecting how can we set this property on button click and redraw chart. Please share any sample that already done, I will try to get some idea on it.