Concept Map

Hi all,

I am trying to use Concept Map for one of the application,
But problem is i need to click on the element and in the onclick event i need attribute of the element.

For example, If I click a element, i need to know the key of the element and any other properties i can use to create the elements.

Anyone can help please ?

Thank you in Advance.

If the property value is a function, it is called with an InputEvent and this GraphObject.

From the second argument, obj, you can get to the Node or Link via the GraphObject.part property. From there you can access the bound data via the property.

So from an event handler you can get the bound data by

On that JavaScript object you can look at any property that your app establishes on it, such as "key" or "color" or whatever.

Thank you for you reply.

My graph object is name as “MyGraph”, can you please help me with a piece of javascript code as you suggested.

I am very new with GoJs


Have you looked at the examples of this in the ? Download the ZIP file and search for “click:”.

Or look at the examples in the Introduction, such as at .