Configuring Data Inspector

Hi Walter

Question regarding Properties in the Org Chart Editor. How to control the display in Org Chart. If Add more properties to the model object the bottom window is growing. I want the properties will be move to other column and display it. because in the left hand side more space is available. and also I do not want to display all the properties how to hide some properties ? Appreciate your help

It sounds like you want to configure the Data Inspector. Have you examined the following files?

Multi-column support is not built-in but you might be able to modify the CSS to get that behavior. If not, you can always use separate Data Inspectors and limit the properties shown in each one.

Hi Walter
How to display combo box with values in data inspector and also how to increase text field length. Please advise

You’ll need to adapt the code in extensions/DataInspector.js. At least you’ll want to customize buildPropertyRow.