Connecting nodes in decision Tree


We are using GOJS Decision Tree and we have a requirement, where we would like to connect ‘Node 3-1’ to ‘Start 4’ in the below diagram.
We would want users to be able to achive this.
Currently we are not able to get the port details for ‘Node 3-1’ and connect it to ‘Start 4’.
We do not want do delete ‘Start 4’ , but just remove the connection between ‘Node 2-1’ to ‘Start 4’ and then connect ‘Node 3-1’ to ‘Start 4’

Please let know if you want more details from us.

Have you set Link.relinkableFrom to true? I’m assuming that the Link is selectable.

Yes i have set the following properties
relinkableFrom: true,
relinkableTo: true,

and yes im able to select it

I don’t know that you want to set relinkableTo: true, but doesn’t setting relinkableFrom: true let users reconnect links? Do users see relinking handles at the “from” end of selected links?

Perhaps users cannot successfully connect to any ports because those ports do not have “fromLinkable: true”. Also the ports at the “to” end need “toLinkable: true”. And if you want users to be able to reconnect a link to a different port on the same node, you may need to set “fromLinkableDuplicates: true”.