Connecting ports through a line

Hey everyone!

Wanted to consult about a visual feature I am working on.
I am looking to visually connect the ports through a line so whenever I have many ports for one gate it looks better.

Is there way of doing this automatically through a gojs property?

Here is a view of an or gate with many number of ports. What I specifically want is that a thin line connects every port through the rear end like this:

The many number of ports is just to illustrate the point.


I don’t understand the situation and I can only guess what it is that you really want.

Why are there so many ports on the OR gate node? Why not only have as many as needed? One possibility: Automatically Creating Ports Many variations are possible too.

Could you please show a sketch of what you actually want? It might be useful to have several sketches/screenshots, both before and after links are drawn.

@walter Sorry I was not clear. The many ports on the OR gate is just to illustrate the point. There I added a sketch of what I want to achieve.

It’s going to look awful when you have a lot of OR nodes near each other.

How have you implemented those ports? Just put that Panel into a “Table” Panel along with an “VLine” Shape of zero width that stretches vertically.