Context Menu popping up in wrong location

Let me start off by saying that I have reproduced this behaviour in the on-line samples (specifically the FlowCharter sample) using both IE 7.0 and FireFox

The context menu appears "higher" than the expected location when right-clicking a node if the page is scrolled.
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Go to the FlowCharter example:
  2. Resize your browser window such that vertical scrollbar appears
  3. Scroll-down enough to make the error obvious (2 inches at least)
  4. Drop a node onto the GoView
  5. Right-click the node
  6. Presto - the context menu pops up but "higher" than its expected location
The lower you scroll the "higher" the context menu appears. It also seems to be approximately the same distance higher as you've scrolled down - it would seem (unconfirmed) that the popup is being positioned using view coordinates but on the page (where it should be using page coordinates).

There’s probably some problem in goShowMenu in GoWeb.js with getting the coordinates calculated correctly. We’ll investigate next week.

Try replacing the two lines in the goShowMenu function in GoWeb.js:

var x = goCX; var y = goCY;with:

var x = goCX + document.body.scrollLeft; var y = goCY + document.body.scrollTop;

and the two lines later in that function: = x; = y;with: = x.toString()+"px"; = y.toString()+"px";