Context Menu


Can you show in the Entity Relationship example how to add a context menu? Also, how can I get the right mouse click?


I assume you’re doing Silverlight, right?

In that case, we’re all out of luck – there’s no support yet for right-mouse-button events.

But you could simulate it by doing something like what the sample does to display a “form”. You would just have it consist of a bunch of buttons, that’s all. I suppose you would want it to disappear automatically as the mouse moved away, which you could also implement with a MouseLeave event handler.

I hope Walter doesn’t consider this an advert! But we have the same general Silverlight issue. Infragistics have just released a solution…

That’s not a solution – right mouse click still doesn’t do anything useful.

Most people wouldn’t want context menus to appear when the user left-clicks on something.

But it does make it easier to define context menus, because it works with their copy of the WPF command system.

Sorry badly phrased on my part - have yet to implement - again trying to be upbeat about what you’re doing in the Silverlight arena for which I’m truly grateful. M