Context Menu


Hi, as I understood, the GoContextMenu is only possible for GoWin and
not for GoWeb (Correct me if i’m wrong). If it’s so, i need a Context
Menu (I already have the DHTML/Javascript for it) but I don’t know how
to integrate it with the GoWeb-Objects. I tried something like that: I
Registered the Javascript for the ContextMenu in the PageLoad-function with Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock(…) and tried to call JS-functions that show the DHTML-ContextMenu from an ObjectContextClicked function
that will be called after rightmouse-click on an GoObject. The Problem
is, that the ContextMenu will be shown after the second
rightmouse-click. After the first, the View just reloads. After the
second rightmouse-click, the Context will be shown but shortly after
the click, the view reloads. So I can’t choose anything from the
ContextMenu…Any Idea?


Are you trying to handle a right-mouse-click? This can be very tricky, because each browser has its own ideas of what to do. Even the behaviors of different versions of IE are different.
First, I don’t understand what you were trying. The only “ObjectContextClicked” event occurs on the server side, not on the client.
You might be able to redefine goMouseDown to check for the right mouse button, calling the old definition in all other cases. That will help avoid doing the postback until your context menu code decides to do a postback.
That could handle a generic context menu for the whole view. You’ll need to generate data that you can search from your JavaScript code so that you can customize the context menu according to where the context click occurs. You can see how GoView generates such Arrays for tooltips and for cursors.