Control do not overlap GoView

I have a problem: we use a ComboBox to do an kind of auto completion, but when the control is near the GoView border, it is hide by the GoView border. Aka the control is “inside” the GoView.

Here is a screenshot:

Is there a way to force a control to overlap the GoView? And so to not be hidden by GoView border.

Controls have a stacking order. It looks like your GoView is “behind” whatever it is that is directly below it.

I confirmed this by changing TreeApp to use ComboxBox editing, and the dropdown extends beyound the bound of the GoView.

The element displayed on the screen is a GoGeneralNode edited with a Combobox. The node is in a GoView, embedded in a GoControl, embedded in a GoSubGraph, embedded in another GoView, and finally embedded in a Visual Studio frame Window (ugly isn’t? ).
Do you think it can come from the fact we have two GoViews embedded ?

PS: deeply sorry Jake ! Instead of anwsering to your answer, I made a report with my answer Embarrassed !!

ugly isn’t?

My parents taught me that if I couldn’t say something nice, not to say anything at all.

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Well, I think what I said is still true. GoViews aren’t going to clip the comboxbox. It looks to me like the comboxbox is coming up “under” the control that is obscuring the dropdown.

To illustrate my (much simpler) test: