Controlling distance between nodes in ForceDirectedLayout

I use ForceDirectedLayout to show nodes and links.
I tried to set
infinityDistance: 10
maxIteration : 500

And the result i got (after setting Diagram.autoScale to go.Diagram.Uniform) is as show in the picture :

How can i shorten the distance between the nods (gray dots)

Your value for ForceDirectedLayout.infinityDistance seems much too small.

You could try overriding the undocumented method:

    . . .,
    needsClusterLayout: function() { return false; }

I set the infinityDistance to 500 and override the needsClusterLayout function, but i still get “long” links.

I have sometimes seen that behavior, but I will need to find a simple reproducible case. I was hoping that overriding needsClusterLayout would help, so I’m surprised and disappointed that isn’t the case.