Controlling the position of the linklabel node

Is there any way to control the location of the linklabel?
Sometimes it really looks odd as to where linklabel gets placed.
Thank you,
I used this post as a starting point
I created a linklabel DataTemplate
Added a Spot into a spotPanel.
The DataTemplate for the LinkLabelNode

<go:SpotPanel mvvm:Commands.MouseEnterCommand="{Binding Data.MouseEnterCommand}"
mvvm:Commands.MouseLeaveCommand="{Binding Data.MouseLeaveCommand}">
<Ellipse go:SpotPanel.Spot="AllSides"
Style="{StaticResource EllipseStyle}"
Stroke="{Binding Data.IsPortVisible, Converter={StaticResource theBooleanBrushConverter}}"
Fill="{Binding Data.IsPortVisible, Converter={StaticResource theBooleanBrushConverter}}">

As it so happens, we have improved LinkPanel’s default label positioning for the next version. That applies both to child elements of the LinkPanel as well as for Nodes that are label nodes for the Link.

Could you provide a more specific example of a problem with the positioning?

As far as your DataTemplate is concerned, I don’t understand why you have an empty NodePanel in there. Given that it is empty, it doesn’t make sense for it to be the main element (i.e. by default the first element) of a SpotPanel. So then you can remove the SpotPanel from there as well.

But if you intend for the TextBlock to be the only child of the NodePanel, then the NodePanel isn’t offering any added value. Again, you might as well delete it, and just have the TextBlock by itself as the main element of the SpotPanel.