ControlRemoved not fired

Hi all

I’m not sure if I’m right…
The Control Remove Event is not fired when I delete a Control in the Viewer by pressing the DEL Key.

Is that correct ? If so, how can I detect this Event ?

Kind regards

You’re using GoControl?

I’m playing with the Example ClassDiagramNode Class…

OK…nodes in GoDiagram aren’t controls. The GoView is the Control. But “nodes” like ClassDiagramNode aren’t themselves controls.

When you delete a node, you are modifying the GoDocument, and you can get a DocumentChanged event on the GoView.

In the case of a delete, you would be looking for the DocumentChanged event with a Hint of GoLayer.RemovedObject.

For samples, see UpdateDemo (in Form1) or NodeLinkDemo (via OnDocumentChanged override in GraphView).

Are you building a UML app?

That’s the Solution :-)

I’m currently writing a Entity Framework Documentation Tool. I’ll send you some screens if you want…


Please do. I’ve got some UML sample work here that may be helpful to you as well.

I think in need 4 to 5 days to get a stable build.
I’ll send you the screens asap :-)