Conversion from gojs Json to Graphml

Hi ,
can anyone tell me how can i convert gojs json to Graphml format or xml format because i need to generate [test] paths from these graphs or is there any way threw which i can be able to generate [test] paths from graphs using gojs.

I am using Graphwalker for generate [test] paths and Graphwalker is not be able to understand gojs json format so i need graphml forma or another threw which i can use it.

The GraphWalker software seems to accept JSON-formatted text:

You can make your Model.nodeDataArray have the same properties that those samples use by setting:
Model.nodeKeyProperty to “id”,
GraphLinksModel.linkKeyProperty to “id”,
GraphLinksModel.linkToKeyProperty to “targetVertexId”,
GraphLinksModel.linkFromKeyProperty to “sourceVertexId”

But you will need to set the GraphWalker Model properties yourself, since those properties are clearly different from what GoJS Models have.