Conversion of GoJs diagram JSON to BPMN compatible JSON

I would like to evaluate GoJs for BPMN kind of diagram. I was able to see the example fromn the site which shows the BPMN editor. But my question is that, pleaase let me know is there a way to convert GoJs JSON to BPMN compatible JSON or XML?

There is, but you’ll need to implement it yourself. The sample does not do so, and I do not believe we have implemented that.

Thanks for your reply. But we need this functionality to convert GoJs JSON to BPMN compatible JSON. If it is part of GoJs then it would be a great feature. Could you please provide me the pointers to do this conversion.And also, is this requirement in the road map of GoJs?. If so, by when this feature can be available as part of GoJs?

Is there a spec for BPMN XML / JSON? It seems to me the standards groups were still arguing about that the last time I looked.

Yes. There is a spec for BPMN. We would like to use GoJs, if it provides a conversion of GoJs format to BPMN compatible XML/JSON