Convert toIncrementalJson to GoJS object?

Is there a way to convert the output from toIncrementJson back into a GoJS object? I tried this but it gives me a complete model and not just an object of the changes.


Using standard JSON works but gives me an object instead of a go.Point for location. I’m sure I can work around this, but if there is a GoJS util to do this, let me know.

You should be using Model.applyIncrementalJson if you want to make changes to a model of the same type and with the same properties as the model changes represented by the incremental JSON format.

I don’t want to apply it to a GoJS model but rather to my data that is persisted. Since the transaction is committed I think I’ll use the incrementalJson to find what has changed then just use model.findXXXDataForKey() to get the current model with GoJS objects.