Converting Goimage Into GoDrawing

I have an GoImage which has "jpg" icon as image. Now i want to convert it to converting into GoDrawing. Please send a sample as soon
as possible.

It’s not clear what you’re trying to do here. Can you provide more detail?


In our application, apart from GoFigures, we are providing facility to create Pallete object at run time using icons(jpg/gif/bmp). we are using GoTextNode which has Figure property. What we do is we create the object of GoDrawing by passing the GoFigure type in its constructor and assign the Figure to GoTextNode Figure. But when it comes to GoImage we can't assign to figure of node. so we want to convert the GoImage onto GoDrawing.
Plz provide a sample as well.

Well, you can’t do that in that way. Change your GoTextNode class to handle a GoObject as the “figure/icon” and then just specialize the code in the places where you have to handle it either as a GoImage or a GoFigure.