Copy & Paste between diagrams


Is it possible to open two parallel diagrams (two canvases), copy and paste from one to another?


The default behavior of the CommandHandler is to store the clipboard in memory. So the clipboard contents are not available across JavaScript environments – basically within a page.

In version 1.6 there is a new extension, LocalStorageCommandHandler.js. From the change log:

Added the LocalStorageCommandHandler.js file, implementing the CommandHandler’s clipboard in HTML localStorage.

This should allow the user to copy, close the browser, open a new browser, and paste. But note that this only works in version 1.6.

I suppose you could trivially replace localStorage with sessionStorage if that was what you wanted.

hey walter,
what can I do if my version is less then 1.6?


If I were you, I would try that code to see if it works anyway – it might not depend on any new feature that only exists in that version.

But I am not you, so I will also recommend that you upgrade to the latest version to get bug fixes and additional features. 😃