Copy & Paste different behaviour for Ctrl+V and Right click context menu paste

While copy and pasting node with unconnected link using Ctrl + V and right click context menu paste I am getting different behaviour’s.

  1. Node with unconnected link before copying

2… Node with unconnected link after copying using Ctrl + V

3… Node with unconnected link after copying using Right Click context menu paste

In Pic 3, Pipeline not connected to Node

I tried to reproduce this by adding the Diagram.contextMenu from the Basic sample to the Draggable Link sample. But I cannot reproduce the problem, no matter how I select first (whether just the node or both the node and the link) and then how I copy (whether copy-and-context-menu-paste or copy-and-paste or control-copy-drag-and-drop).

Furthermore I was unable to reproduce the problem on a tablet without even adding the Basic sample’s Diagram.contextMenu, since on tablets there’s a default context menu. Again, it worked well there.

So can you help us reproduce the problem?

By the way, today’s officially a holidy, so it may be a while before someone responds.